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Analítica Inmobiliaria is the first real estate portal in Mexico where you can check the market conditions around your property and even generate estimates about the commercial development potential of the site.



We configured three different levels of information so that you can evaluate your property as required:

Having the correct information is essential for good decision-making.

Having it on hand is better.

Real Estate Analytics


Know the basic characteristics of the market and the real estate supply in the trade area of your property.


  • Trade Area selection.

    • Radius.

    • Isocrhone.

    • Polygon.

  • Demographics:
    • Population and Households.

    • Age and Sex Groups.

    • Migration.

    • Socioeconomic Segmentation.

    • Growth Rates, 2025 - 2030


  • Real Estate Offer:

    • Malls.

    • Supermarkets

    • Cinemas

    • Department stores.

    • Housing for Rent / Sale.

    • Stores for Sale / Rent.


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